The Turtles – Carlos & The Bull

On the 23rd of August in 1947
A peon and a bull killed each other in the ring
And plunged an entire nation into deep mourning

The bull’s name was Buddy
And he was of the dreaded Milos strain
The man’s name was Carlos
And he was considered to be
the bravest and most skillful matadors of those times

Ole for the brave matador
Ole for his scarlet muleta
Ole for his “el naturale”
Ole for the matador
He must bull

Y huela, Carlos, what do they want?
I know very well what they want
And one of these afternoons I may give it to them
And keep them happy

Ole for the man with the sword
Let’s boo the fat Picador
A tear for the death destined Miura
Ole for the matador
He must fight de bull

His suit of light, he wears to fight
It’s not too tight, it fits just right
He prays tonight for he must fight
He must bull

Chimo, I want the dress cape with the roses
They always brings luck
I don’t see any reason
Why we should not start this affair

Ole for the bull bred to kill
Ole for the man who must meet him
Ole for brave matador
Ole for the matador he must kill…

He died? He died? And they did not give us anything?
Si, Carlos. Every thing. Both ears and the tail
The roses, they did not bring us luck today
how my mother will suffer
I..I can’t feel nothing in my left leg!
I..I can’t feel nothing in my right leg!
Are..are my eyes open? I cannot see!

And he fell back dead (..thud)

De bull…
De bull…

They kept demanding more and more of him
And more was his life
So he gave it to them

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