The Rangers – BET Cypher 2010 Part 1 (The Rangers)

Really Competitive Why These Niggas Edible. They Tryna Be Compatible They Ain’t Know I’m An Animal Tho. But Fck Feast On You Niggas iPray. So iPray Then Feast My Pray Nigga That’s Everyday. So All You Ranger HATERS You Need To Level Up. You Need To Book A Flight To Get To Me You Better Pack Up. Back Up With All These KIcks, Fitted Jeans, Hat Grown Nigga I’m On Cuff Yo Chic In The Cut I’m Gon. Killin My Opponents No Hesitation Hesitate When You Step To Me iGo Domination Listen To My Statement Why Thes Niggas Hatin When They Be Stealin This Swag And Not To Them Hits We Makin. Bacon This Nigga Hot Walk By Ya Heat Stroke Got Ya Female At The Crib And She Got Hella Stroke. I’m Rollin Up Not The Weed Stacks Nigga What You Mean Rubberbands Poppin Indeed Neva Payin Fees. But I’m Doin Me Lookin Fly, Do You, Chics Come To Me Stay [?]. Neva Chasin The Chics Nigga I Lead Em They Follow Me Tweet Me, Meet Up, And Then I Beat Em. Haters I Hate Em I Was Told To Leave Em Alone Cause When They Doin Wrong I Be Sittin On My Throne Flossin This Beat Up Out My Teeth Mmm That Was Good
Niggas Got Me Misunderstood Now They Know That I’m Good

Updated: 23 February 2018 — 22:12

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