The Midnight Beast – I’m So Manly (I Make Men Cry)

Life has always told me I was weak
(Not anymore)
Now I’ve got the wings of a bird and the beak
(Of an eagle type creature)

I’m just so manly
I make all the men around me wipe their eyes,
Look down and cry
At the size of my…

Cock so big and manly girls get killed
(All of the time)
Now I’ve got the balls of an Ox and the build
(Of a very big mountain)

We’re just so manly
We morph into an enormous manly man
With giant hands

I can run a mile with a broken foot
(It doesn’t hurt)
I can make a sand storm turn to soot
(Or any other inanimate objects)

We’re just so manly
That the muscles in our arms turn into guns
When we look at your mum

I can climb a mountain with my nose
(It’s like a claw)
Then I ski back down on a petal from a rose
(To show that I’m still a sensitive manly man)

We’ve so much feeling
That the feelings that we’re feeling have feelings too
But I’m still a man

Yeah I’m so manly
I don’t need to sing like bambi
I chop wood for fun
I shoot a gun
I got Numerous charges of hit n run

I listen to meat loaf
I cry but I don’t have tears though
I did battle with a giant snake
And I did a poo on an earthquake

Poo on an earthquake
Poo on an earthquake
I’m so manly that I
Piss and I don’t shake

Poo on an earthquake
And eat a whole steak
Then I’d run a marathon
Without getting a belly ache


Updated: 29 December 2017 — 02:38

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