The Clark Sisters – Medley: Is My Living In Vain? / You Brought The Sunshine / Hallelujah

Is my living in vain is my praying in vain is my giving in vain is my fasting in vain
Am I wasting my time can the clock be rewind having my life shine have I made 99
No (Lord no) of course not it’s not all in vain cause up the road is eternal vain

You made my day you came my way you heard me every tine I pray you gave me peace you gave me grace you put a smile upon my face
You brought the sunshine (you brought the sunshine) in my life (threw out the lifeline)
Threw out the lifeline (you brought the sunshine) in my life (threw out the lifeline)
Since I now have found Christ there has been such a change in my life
Jesus is the answer he breaks every fathom

I’m a witness that Jesus what makes a difference in your life [5x]
You made you made my day
You came you came my way [7x]

Clap your hands and (praise him [10x])
Hallelujah [10x]
Praise him [10x]
Halleluijah [10x]

Updated: 29 November 2017 — 03:20

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