The Blues Brothers – Can’t Play The Blues (In An Air-Conditioned Room)

All my life I had to struggle, I paid some heavy dues
Squeekin’ out a livin’, playin’ easy blues
Then one day my music made me a millionaire
I bought a big old mansion with central heated air
Now I got more money than I know how to use
Got everything a man could want, but I ain’t got no blues
Success for me could only lead to my immediate doom
’cause I can’t play the blues in an airconditioned room

Now I was doin’ better with a smaller piece of pie
But all my fame and fortune I can’t identify
I lost the inspiration that came natural in the start
I have to have a mean old woman, just to break my heart
Now my life’s too easy, I’d be getting soft
I used to play the blues all day, but now I just play golf
Now all my pain is rearranged, my life is changes too
’cause I can’t play the blues in an airconditioned room

You know what I’m saying
It’s kinda hard to play the blues
if you don’t have any problems

You might think I’m crazy, you might think I’m strange
The first thing in the morning I’m gonna make a change
I throw away my money, I move back to that shag
Do whatever I gotta do to get that old feelin’ back
I know I’d be feelin’ better with nothing left to lose
When times are bad, the less I had, the better I played the blues
I buy myself some turkey and wine, and howl it at the moon
’cause I can’t play the blues in an airconditioned room

If I should die tomorrow you can write it on my tomb
‘He couldn’t play the blues in an airconditioned room’

Updated: 29 December 2017 — 03:15

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