Starlito – Sleep Walking Challenge

[Tha Landlord:]
Sleep walking, keep talking and meet coffins
For years it was only me that used to feed Floss ‘nem
Sucker tried to shoot me in my back but me’s offed him
Sometimes we used to slide in rentals and leave walking
But now I’m her MCM, never wore MCM
Marty Cap and Martin so I’m still reppin’ MCM (RIP)
Chain changing colors like it’s EDM
If he ain’t day one then I’m probably in his B DM
And I ain’t tryna look through a horoscope, I’m colorblind
Hit me with four fingers when she asked me what’s my sign
I’m probably on her thoughts but she not in mine
And even if you ballin’, ain’t no passes if you dropping dimes
SK, shit we shootin’ ’til the next day
Block day is really shoot you in your head day
Shoot you in your chest, your stomach, and your arm
And oh yeah, I won’t forget leg day
Hah, niggas know I’m squad forty
I was fourteen with four homicidal stories
Name ring like Michael Norry
Even if I walked on water they still might ignore me
I ain’t tripping though, I’m with bro down at Tennessee
It’s gon’ cost you five to hear but it’s gon’ cost you ten to see
Looked my mama in her eyes and told her ma it’s them or me
Since numbers don’t lie, you can get this two-two-three, like

Glock in my boxers with a pocket full of rocks
Nah I’m not finna pop ’em, too much profit, I can’t stop it
Me and my partner in the drop and yeah we probably got a chopper
High speed chase, fuck the coppers, we gon’ knock down all the opps
If I was a robber I’d be platinum, it’s obvious we gettin’ a lot
Check mandatory like Mozzy, and there’s one up top
Got that sack off at the college, sittin’ in class with a rocket
Hot with a TEC, I think I bought the last glass bottle
Lean, if it’s clean I want it, fiend for the cream soda
Sleep walking, every step I’m closer to my dreams, wodie
All I need is time, watch, I’ma get the whole team Rollies
Fighting for my freedom, in the meantime free the homies
Cold game, cold world, so we got all these heaters on me
Believe half of what you see, none of what you hear, read up on me
Indictments, affidavits, witness statements all summer long
Gotta go to court, I go to war and won’t call none of y’all
I just lost a hundred in a month and it’s still unresolved
Back with a sack and if they front me then I’m running off
Funny all this dumb shit that come with getting this money dog
Grind and you become the boss, winter, spring, summer, fall
And yeah I know they keepin’ score
But really they just wanna know if you won or lost
Thumbin’ through these hundreds, known from the funds that we come across
Know I got a gun, I don’t wanna talk if the numbers off
Let some shots off, that won’t do none’ but get the cops involved
Had to call it off, they gon’ kill that nigga at top golf
I done got an organized crime charge like a mob boss
Ain’t no more nodding off, I don’t want no syrup even if I got a cough
Riding in a car that I just bought thinking a lot of thoughts
It’s either all my fault or not my fault
What would you do for me if I got caught?
I know some people I wouldn’t try to call
Luckily I’m up like Adderall added all night
Can’t adjust to the times like I had a long flight
It’s still money over bitches like I’m at a dog fight
In all black ready to rob a nigga at the All White
Sleep walking but I walk light, it’s been a long night
Walk ’em down with that assault rifle, that’s what y’all like, ah
I got a couple thousand bars and I don’t even know if they real or not

Updated: 24 February 2018 — 21:11

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