Snow Tha Product – Beast Mode

No snooze I’m about to wake ’em up
Cause they say they married to the game, well I’m about to break em up
Cause I got that loud BANG, hit ’em in the brain
I’m running up in this bitch like BAM
The rap game will never be the same
There’s a lil chick killin’ every man
I’m in muthafuckin’ beastmode, she’s cold, Snow’s got bars to spare
Ya’ll bitches been sleep though we woke
I’m in Cali I’m a put it in the air
And Imma run up cause I never been scared
Little mami with a heart of a California Bear
Imma come through murderin’ bitches
I know you heard that I’m spittin’ a little better, everybody is scared
They call me Snow, I know that I’m a beauty and a beast
I got the coast, you know I’m the best, everybody finna see
I put on for mine, from the west to the east
Down south no doubt they done heard about me
I’m a latin chick spittin out here making a killin as a lyrical villan, I R-I-P beats
I was gone, but I’m back, like ooh, Miss Snow Tha Product wrecks
You can check my stats, I don’t lose
If you thought I was done, not yet
Oh shit! I bet little chicks upset that I get my bread and I get respect
And they mad that I been the best no less the west gon get
This chick here wrecks

Updated: 25 February 2018 — 01:01

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