Rucka Rucka Ali – Suspended: The Sequel

Herro, herro YouTube
Will you please talk to me?
I don’t know why you take my account away from me
Why I get suspended,
but you don’t explain to me
Why you make me cry?
Is it because I am Chinese?

Because I am Chinese,
YouTube no rikey me
They fuck me in the butthole,
without using vaseline
My name is DJ Not Nice,
and I can speak in Mandarin
I fry my beef fried rice,
I like to eat my tangerine
So why do you suspend my friend Rucka Rucka Ali?
Say hello to my little friend,
his name is Toby Queef

Stop pissing off everyone,
YouTube, you really suck
I think I used to think this used to be America
What the fuck’s up your butt,
can’t a black brother talk?
Should he just be some dumb fuckin’ French guy?

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay
I’m French, French, French, French
I’m from Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec
Shampoo Jimple
Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec
I come to my home,
after all day long,
I was running California
I go to my favorite YouTube page,
and I find out that it’s gone
I have the perfect part for YouTube in “Terminator 4”
They will be the guy,
that I punch with my fist when I find out I’m a clone

The way you deleting things,
will not stop Rucka Rucka
One billion Chinese people,
watch Kung Fu shows in China

Since Google bought YouTube,
YouTube has really gotten fucked up
I will go ask Jeeves,
next time I need to know about stuff

Enough with the voices!
This is Rucka,
and I’m pissed off with all of this!
So get off my dick, bitch
Enough with the bullshit,
you salty ’cause you not a star!
You just wish I’d commit suicide, don’t ya?
See, I tried being nice,
but society made me DJ Not Nice
Like it’s my fault?
If you ain’t one of Rucka’s nuckas,
fuck you

And now,
Seymour Schwartz

What’s this, mishugas?
You takin’ down the YouTube page, for what?
It’s what the kids wanna hear these days
I don’t come to your house,
and pull the dildo out your hand

Stop pulling off, Rucka’s stuff,
and grow a couple nuts
You little faggots,
grow some hair on your cock and balls
Suck on my schlong,
if you don’t like Rucka Rucka
You’re all just mad,
’cause Rucka knows him a black guy
Stop pulling off all them songs,
this is America
If you don’t like this country,
you’re just an asshole
What’s all this for,
can’t a joke just be said anymore?
When did the internet,
turn into Russia?

Nyet, nyet, nyet, nyet
Hello, Lenin!
I’m from Lizensk
Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, yeah!
We stand in line for bread
Gorbachev, bring down the wall,
come on!
We’ve never been to space
Hello, hello, please
We go to space

Tired of this bullshit!
Y’always pullin’ down my YouTube page for what?
I didn’t do nothin’ wrong, man
I think there’s some racial shit!
Fuck this shit!
Man, you know what?
This ain’t China,
you know what I’m sayin?
This ain’t NAZI Mexico!
This ain’t about ME!
This ain’t about YouTube!
This ain’t about FREE SPEECH!
This ain’t about music!
I just made all these videos,
so that’s I’d find some bitches,
to wear my shoes,
and walk on my back for me
It’s like Zach Fairclough says:
“Smack a bitch once, shame on her”
But now that bitches know I’m fly,
forget YouTube!!
That’s where I’ll be,
if you need me

Updated: 28 December 2017 — 10:49

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