Princess Nokia – Orange Blossom

My mother your mother live across the street
Eighteen nineteen blueberry street
Every time they have a fight
And this is what they say tonight
Boys are rotten made out of Coke
Girls are sexy made out of Pepsi
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider
Girls go to college to get more knowledge
Wrap it up in toilet paper
Send it down the escalator

Orange blossom
Favorite Flavor
Hot and Tender and I’m fragrant
You can peel me little sour
I’ve been drippin for an hour
Little juicy how you do me
Made for eating self consuming

Been a while boy, take your time boy
Been a while boy, take your time boy

You’ve been beggin for my presence
Orange blossom tastes like lemon
Its not sugar its all natural
Eat me barely like an apple
You can chew it, you can swallow
What I do you gonna follow
Taste me touch me know you love me

Orange blossom, right inside me
Orange blossom, right inside me

Bittersweet you and me
Give me something good to eat
Pick me ripe right off the tree
Get me open set me free
Morning time with herbal tea
Night time baby just you see

Sweet like summer on the corner
Hi there baby I do adore you
On the steps I sit and sweat
Wrap gold chains up on my gland
Orange, cocoa, mango cherry
Summer love we gettin marry

Orange Blossom, Orange Blossom
Im the talk of all the gossip

One any only can’t control me
But I love you till I’m older
Nectar drippin now you love me
Got me up and all excited

Been a while boy, take your time boy

Been a while boy, take your time boy

Updated: 26 February 2018 — 12:14

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