Phora – Girl

Yeah, I mean the thing about this girl is she
The type of girl to make you appreciate life

[Verse 1: Phora]
All she bump is 2Pac and biggie she
Ain’t fuckin’ with iggy she outta this
World pretty but she come from the city
She know she gorgeous from her head to
Her toes and she knows what she wants she
Shouldn’t ever be compared to these hoes
I’ll fly you out to Atlanta have you
Shoppin’ in Texas we get it poppin’ in
Cali flossin’ on all of my ex’s baby I
Had to life don’t feel right if I dont
Have you I just wanna get away so there’s
One thing I had to ask you, look the night
Is young so is you down for the kid down to
Take some shots with ya boy and forget what
We did lets pour a toast to the haters yeah
Let’s live with no worries and she’s scrollin’
Through her Instagram like niggahs is thirsty
I told her fuck all them niggahs if they ain’t
Us then let em’ be cause they ain’t fuckin’ with
The team and baby nothing’s what it seems lets
Make memories that’ll never fade away in our
Hands I ain’t for makin’ no drama lets make
A baby instead and that’s real

[Hook: Phora]
All my CA girls that be up in
The house from the bay to OC show
Em’ what you about now lets go all
My East Coast girls showin’ love
Actin’ like niggahs don’t exist when
You be up in the club yeah i know all
My girls down South know what’s up
They reppin’ that Yours Truly let me
Pour you a cup now come on all my
Chi-town girls in the place she got a
Bad attitude but a beautiful face so
It’s cool, haha yeah and she got me
Sayin'(Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl)
Yellin’ Yours Truly cup spiliin’
Cause I’m
And she got me sayin’
(Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl)
Yellin’ Yours Truly cup spiliin’
Cause I’m

[Verse 2: Phora]
Yeah baby the summer was yours winter
Fall, spring you got me comin’ for more
And I bet you love it now if you ain’t
Love it before I ain’t focused on
Tomorrow girl cause nothing’s forsure
I said the summer was yours winter, fall
Spring you got me comin’ for more and I
Bet you love it now if you ain’t love it
Before lets do it now girl cause nothing’s
For sure I said nothing’s forsure she got
That Micheal Kors fragrance Yours Truly in
Her playlist doin’ 90 on the way to Vegas
Man how can I say this she knows what she
Worth she know just what she got yeah
Everybody stop and watch when she show up
To the spot she got me on one spillin’ my
Drink and she ain’t like these other girls
She put 40 on it to fill up my tank yeah
She an independent hustla no other girl
Could fuck with her staring right into her
Eyes like baby im a sucka’ for your love
But I just wanna be the reason you smile
See I feen for your touch been in my dreams
For awhile your smile glistens like the sun
Over the beaches horizon shines unique as a
Diamond just wanna see you beside me i see ya
Ex steady blowin’ you up just let me roll you
This blunt smoke one for the boy and pour me
A cup steady laughin’ at these rappers tryin’
To bite my steeze girl there ain’t nothin’
Good as nights like these just wanna spend em’
With you


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