OMB Peezy – Interracial Relations

I’m having interracial relations with this motherfuckin’ white
You play me like I’m pussy, take your motherfuckin’ life
Am I a shooter, keep a Ruger, bitch you motherfuckin’ right
I keep a ruler like a tutor, I don’t motherfuckin’ fight
Cuz threw me a sack, now I’m posted with the dope for niggas
I be outchea trappin’, niggas rappin’, think I know some magic
Make you disappear, then I brought a bird out my hat
Bird chill with all that swervin’, got some birds up in the back
Pray to God, they try to jack, I’m ready to watch a nigga die
Walk you down, take off this mask, and look you dead in your eye
Niggas know I keep that fire, that fire keep a nigga safe
I’m so in love with homicide, that iron will eat a nigga’s face
I’ll eat a nigga’s plate, this shit for real
Even when a nigga full I’m still lurking for a meal
You niggas asking for a deal, I’m spitting what I live
A nigga’s spinal cord hurtin’ ’cause I been jiggin’ off them pills, damn
Need to take a breather, best believe I’m squeezing if I peep ’em
To the neck up with my people, people say I’m evil
When I see ’em it’s gon’ be Katrina, better call FEMA
Getting big head like Gina, Glock-34 in the beamer
Cleaner than a whistle, you and your niggas softer than tissue
It’s over, watch when I get you, slide and clockin’ my victim
Loaded, cockin’ my pistol, ain’t no cop in my mirror
So I poke around the corner, hop out, and drop me a nigga
Hot then I got the pistol, I tote the chopper in the winter
It’s a draco in my hoodie, by now you should get the picture
If you fight then get your ass beat, you still my nigga
But if you scared of them hands and get to runnin’, I ain’t with ya, ayy
One phone call, my shooters shooting for sure
I ain’t fucking with your kind, your shooters shooting for hoes
Bitch it’s Overkill Peezy, Peezy keep that infrared
I give him one shot to the head, he dead before he hit the floor
Yeah here go two more
Only my shotter niggas gon’ feel me
Damn, you only can ride with me if you with it
If I ain’t on the block then I’ll probably be with some bitches
And one of ’em got a nigga and Peezy waitin’ for business
Bitch it’s Peezy

Updated: 23 February 2018 — 13:58

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