Manowar – Warriors Of The World

This fucking hot here Sao Paolo!
The Brasilian fans kickin Fuckin Ass!
Fuckin true Manofans.
We pleasure to be here in Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.
Some crazy Fucking people tonight in Rio!
This is one hell of a Fucking audience!
Standing right there with the big tits. How are you?
This is our first time in Brazil.
In the Czech Fucking Repubilc.
The fabully Heavy Metal in Italy.
And we will reaturn again to tell all of these fucking bastards FUCK YOU!
We came to Zurich tonight with the understanding that the sound police did
want us to play.

Then we want Manowar to play now!
In hungry motherfucker in pruther past.
Tonight Manowar records Live in Portugal.
The very special city of Bastards.
Are you cray motherfuckers in Halle?!?
Germany tonight.
We are recording a Live album in the Philipshalle.
Pass off!
You know that the Fans mean everything to Us!
And now you are report in the fire of truth Heavy Metal.
Auf hector scheisse.
Spain. Hola.
Last night in the tour here in the Leipzig.
Nobody can stop the Heavy Metal Fans.
We will return KILL!!!
The guard people here who don’t like Manowar. (Peoples FUCK YOU!)

Updated: 25 February 2018 — 12:41

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