Madchild – Fuck Madchild

These rappers talk like felons but they’re all fake villains
Madchild about to erupt like Mount St. Helens
I don’t give a fuck if I hurt your feelings
Get your helmet cracked, I’m a silverback gorilla
Yeah, this is quantum physics
Little monster will stomp on you daunted midgets
I’ve lived a life full of wrong decisions
I got condoms for conjugal visits

Blond haired midgets, monsters, mongrels and wizards
This is on-going, I’m throwing bombs in a blizzard
This is calculated long division
I got a strong condition, my funds are insufficient
It was a really fucking long intermission
Now I’m going all out and I ain’t asking for permission
While I gather up my arsenal you couldn’t wrap a parcel
You’re a harsh-farce marshmallow with a arsehole

[Phil Da Agony:]
Shit, harsh like morning breath
Caught a coroner, use a foreigner, got em bored to death
The left bracket of the west, aw yes, would they put a ratchet to your chests
A bunch of squares like checkers, Check mate
Create like Steve Jobs, Take like Bill Gates
You Mawfuckas is late, like a hour CPT, and all you niggas is whiter than me
I rap like I write in calligraphy. Colorful shit. Paint pictures like this
Lounging in the pent house with the [?]
You all so gullible, back the Huxtables, shit, jello puddin’ pop in the mix
Temple university sweaters, Man fuck Madchild, I need a thousand the better just to write letters
White up the scene, bloody redder then poinsettia
Ten steps ahead of ya, Shoot the messenger

Updated: 23 February 2018 — 13:53

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