Lil Bibby – No Ad Libs (Freestyle)

I be on my cool shit, trapping fuck that school shit
Got a big gun and I’ll use it, on any nigga that you get
No Steve Nash but I’m shooting shit
That 30 look like 2 clips
They say it don’t look like you do this
But I does this, let me prove it

I tell em, I’m the man yeah but you already knew that
Boy I run my city like new jack
I’ve been on my new shit, got a new bitch
Got a new whip, got a new strap
That tough shit get a dude whacked
They tryna talk it out I’m like nuff said
Red dot aimed for the head, man down another nigga dead
These snitch niggas talking to the feds
I don’t know shit, that’s how I play it
I don’t say too much, broke niggas tryna be funny
My Gucci belt cost 3hunnid, lot of cash on me thats D money
Rob a nigga that’s free money, I be getting lowkey money
Like Frank Lucas, your favorite rapper can’t do this
Lil bibby I’m the hottest bitch and it’s 250 for the Prada kicks
I be always copping shit, hit the polo store and buy a lot of shit
That’s probably why I got a lot of chicks, I’m with lil bro he got the Glock and shit
Niggas jumped up then he dropping shit
Catch me posted up on the block and shit, or in the studio dropping shit
Smoking loud, sipping drank, doing shit these niggas can’t
Painting pictures with no paint, tryna get up bands off the dope game
In the kitchen whipping whole things, feds come take your blame
Don’t get it, yeah its no names you know how it go, I got a lotta dough
Fuck dating I’ll buy a ho,I’m bout my money shit, what you bout?
Have my lil niggas stretch you out, that hot shit make em cool out
Walking up with them tools out, let the choppa sing, now the news out
Got 8-balls like a pool house, he got work? where dude’s house
No limit gang I brought the goons out and all my niggas tryna get cash
Lots of drugs sold, lots of guns blown, lot of shit bags
Anything just to get past, I don’t fight, got a .45 with a 30 in it and it’s gon blast
Hit a nigga up with no mask, my killers don’t ask for no cash
And all these niggas want free crack, I told these niggas to hold fast
Just hold fast

Lil bibby, niggas can’t fuck with me
NLMB shit man, free my niggas
Bitch! I spit crack and that shit free
Shout out my whole squad no limit shit

Updated: 25 February 2018 — 00:50

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