King Los – Hello, Good Morning

Uh one two one two
It’s Los
Check check one two one two
Ugh big chain and a watch
Maybach leave shit stains on ya block
Ciroc in my cup I don’t give a fuck
And I’m screamin that, while I get brain on a yacht
If money talks I’m a loud discussion
You got knots in ya pockets I got mild concussions
I got a God given flow amen
I’m all over this bitch like spray tan
Even Diddy gotta respect this one
I’m finna black out no electrician
I’m too big to hide me
Too wide for you guys to be beside me
Goddamn a blind man could recognize me
Fuck I need an ID, for?
I just open up the doors on the Masi
I got a bad yellow bitch – black shades
And I threw D’s on her – bad grades
“Fuck hatin” what I tell I hater
We raise hell like Satan on a elevator
This a retro sneaker never lace it
Twenty threes on custom shocks never scrape it
Make love to beautiful bitches never tape it
Whether it’s Patron or pussy never chase it
Time, love, money, and knowledge, never waste it
You real give a look or a nod never say it
Forever cool lack of emotion never faded
So fly think I bumped my head on heaven’s basement
Ha gimme a second
Ciroc in my cup and I don’t give a fuck
Okay okay
Thinkin that revenge is sweet you never taste it
Success is the best revenge you never made it
She ain’t gotta be bi I could buy both you
Rock-a-bye I could fly out bi-coastal
You could see I’m fly without bifocals
Who local? You dummin
My name get mentioned by the locals in London
Vocals in Pari fuck folk who compare me
Sweatsuit grey Bentley coupe with the hoody back
Canary so fly your bitch thought she saw a putty tat
So I flew her thru the hood and back
And somethin with the hood and back

Updated: 28 December 2017 — 12:16

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