Jedi Mind Tricks – The Apostle’s Creed

[Apathy the Alien Tongue]
I sit upon a cloud of nuclear waste
in haste still the assent of a goddess with a look spread on my face
as I speak in space clutching the damaged piece of a satellite
resembling remnants of a 2010 entity
centuries from the time of mankind
the planetal time
span of seconds to an immortal
transporting mortals through portals to an Egyptian land
to complex architect structures and pyramids
melting parted rock with acidic chemical blood samples from ??? females period
I travel like the Iliad but my ship sails by the cosmic whales
and intergalactic pirates telling tales
of trails left by the gods through the center of the sun when we pass the spot
Jesus Christ was really an ancient astronaut
I attack mastodons when I crash through ponds in the Ice Age
and twice laid the caves
with a system of soundwaves
and cyberkenetics
you can’t escape the wrath of Apathetic
the time has come for man to die
not project prophetic phonetics
fugitive prosthetic limbs for hairy ???
exoskeleton extensions and cybernetic inventions
moving swiftly like thundercats
my hunger attracts rats on the train tracks
and when I rap on tracks I attract tremendous energy sources
changing forms through metamorphis
I travel darkened corridors with orbs of light and torches
??? and apocalyptic horses
disappear as shadows in a forest
and disappear as shadows in a forest

[Chorus x4]
non-conceptional, non-exceptional
ya, ya whole aura is plexi-glass

[Yan The Phenomenon]
I take hold with truth of those
be like sand in the cracks of my hands
retaliatory silhouettes and apocalyptic glands
no matter what I find distressing me
and I can’t let this stress get the best of me
though it test me on a daily basis
and trace the tracks of my tears down my cheeks and over my lips
taste the freedom, but it seems like gravity
has me chained to this pathetic land like Satan’s left burning in chaos
but yet I continue on with no tendencies in my subconscious
so right there’s a contradiction, because I’m aware of these tendencies
so that ain’t my subconscious anymore
more like courses that I conversate with
half-thirds and fourths then I slice my soul into a percentage
and I knew you wouldn’t recommend it, so I wrote this letter and never sent it
cause my pain, is my pain never trouble you with my own
now I swim the waves of asphalt with no place to call home
on the lonely island see the plastic smiles and speak gibberish
at varying frequencies, burn out radio and television transmissions
or simply audible who wear the robes of righteousness
equal to we was fucked up from data overload
and here’s the fact that for an hour on this road
it’s more like there’s a tight rope between wisdom and insanity
seems like clarity is the ever-elusive goal
when insanity has the help of the omnipotent force of gravity

[Chorus x4]
non-conceptional, non-exceptional
ya, ya whole aura is plexi-glass

[Ikon the Verbal Hologram]
on the battleground, you can go to war like Sudan
but I’m half-man, so you have to overstand
that the other half of me is made of liquid and steel
ain’t you sick and tired of people screamin “keep it real”
I’m powered by the ancients, spirit in the soul
it’s war, and Ikon carries crossbows
but I toss foes to the center of the planet
when you battle me you best be praying like a mantis
I will send you, through the depths of the Atlantic
to study transcripts, of rhymes by the enchanted
Hologram, the verbal war paradigm
traveling back in time to change the way y’all whack rappers rhyme
if I don’t succeed, you will bleed
the just punishment, of the Apostle’s Creed
this is hip-hop kid, shit is straight from the heart
you an actor wit a record deal tryin to play the part

[Ikon speaking]
like that!
like that one time, like that one time, like that one time
my man Stoupe in the house, like that one time, like that one time
my man Chico in the house, like that one time, like that one time
my man Yan the Phenomenon, like that one time, one time
Ikon the Verbal Hologram up in this motherfucker!
open up that third eye before I open it for you
word is bond! Jedi Mind, 97, 98
rappers I decapitate, like that!
fuck all y’all

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