Illy – Go


What a difference sixteen months make
I couldn’t fit it in a thousand status updates
Foot to floor, at these speeds, dangerous to pump breaks
Blur of hotel rooms, runway lights and pub names
Sunday flights hidden behind dark shades
Live for the days between “can’t wait” and “can’t take it anymore”
Wait until it’s “can’t wait” again
For now we can make a name, later we can make amends, okay?
Took it to showstopper from showstealer from showstarter
Worked my little ass off for it, I did
Juggle uni and music, pretty much hit both targets
One chance if I had my time again? Go harder
Double the workload, opportunist to the bone
Shit, I’m opening the windows up in case the doors close
The past is the past, the new days rose
And what’s next, only God knows
And on that note

Welcome to The Chase
On your marks

So where you at?
Well as it stands, I’m making progress
And as if money ain’t an object
I put my eggs in a basket, sitting on a bullet train in the pouring hail
So either I’mma break some records or I’m sure to fail
Belief can be a nuisance, present on both sides
Genius and stupid, it’s down to if you reach what you pursuing
Ain’t much between reasons and excuses
And they’ll think your crazy ass cant achieve it till you do it
Let suckers fence sit, hoping they don’t pick the wrong side
I’ve always said I’ll back a good trip over a long ride
I keep my vision tight, never lost sight
Whats 20/20 if your cross-eyed?
It feels like I’m so beyond noticing the road
That my expectations can’t be the only thing that’s grown
With the first I stepped out of every shadow that I know
And with the second I’m about to cast some shadows of my own, and on that note

Welcome to The Chase
Welcome to The Chase
Ready, Set, Ready, Set

I tip my hat to the past, seize the moment, look ahead
Head up in the clouds, keep an eye on where I put my steps
‘Cause from things we didn’t mean to things we never said
At times seems like it’s an inch between contentment and regret
Getting my Vanilla Sky on, jumping off the ledge
Rocky running up the steps, feel like Hurricane Carter
‘Cause the truth sets free but it’s tougher to accept
The one thing worse than hate’s when they love you then forget
Don’t forget me, feel whatever way but feel deeply
‘Cause indifference the cousin of sleep, dream sweetly but
Speak freely, be open
This as much yours as mine from the second you owned it
I hope you find beauty in the flaws, obsession in the finer strokes
My heart extends beyond the thank you’s in the liner notes
Art vs Science, my canvas, your microscope
And only God knows, so on that note


Updated: 30 January 2018 — 10:38

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