Goldie Lookin Chain – Everybody Is A DJ

I, I think it’s by Sasha Universe or somethin’?

Oh mate, you got any Jakarta?

Oh mate, do you know Synth and Strings?

Oh mate, have you got Eye of the Tiger?

Serious, it’s gettin’ serious
Serious, it’s gettin’ serious
Serious, it’s gettin’ serious

Headphones on transfixed by the floor
Frosted ice that blocks the front door
Scrollin’ through the playlist, found the right track
Bus flies by, time to take a step back
Run out of power so I look a bit sad
Not part of the crowd, feel like my own Dad
Pretending to listen, searching for the beat
Now it’s comin’ through the ground in the soles of my feet

Look out the window, decks for miles
Everybody is a DJ so check the styles
Turn around, like a record see them multiplied
Even laptops and ipods qualify
I’m on the crossfader, whatever your flavour
Cuttin’ up like Darth Vader with a lightsabre
In the car or on the bus they’re all havin’ a go
There’s even a DJ on the fuckin’ radio

I woke up today, everybody was a DJ
Every motherfucker in the world was a DJ
DJ, everybody press play
Every motherfucker is a DJ

You don’t need skills no more to rock the parties
All you need’s some MP3’s and a load of batteries
Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a go
But they mix like oil and water, they got no flow
I see them faking it, I can spot a pretender
Who fails to deliver, return to sender
My vinyl don’t weigh a tonne these days
And if you believe what you hear even God DJs

Smoking vinyl joints like they was the chronic
My dubplates move the crowd like they was tectonic
Remember the formula it’s a fucking neumonic
If the tunes angelic then the beats demonic
Rebel with the treble force my bass in your face
Scratching beat matching mix my style with grace
Listen to the beats keep your ears to the ground
You’re the lord of your own dance in stereo sound

Everyone’s a DJ so get in the mix
You can’t all spin the decks cause most of you are dicks
Act like big fish but whose Finding Nemo?
2 months ago you were all into emo
I’m not slagging you for being diverse or because you got the money from your mothers purse
You’re the ipod superstar
“Oh mate, have you got that Encore Une Fois?”


Serious, it’s gettin’ serious
Serious, it’s gettin’ serious
Serious, it’s gettin’ serious


Last night made the bass feel so real
Me and Fatboy Slim on the wheels of steel
In the club, in a rave or a ringtone
I’m the playlist on your new iphone
1000 watt speakers up the woods in Wales
I’m a 1 man sound system just like Gary Clails
Woke up this morning, put on my mix machine
Mashed up all the beats so it must have been a dream


Updated: 30 November 2017 — 04:33

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