G-Eazy – This Is Me

Last week I had a thought I’m twenty years
That’s old enough to start imagining and plenty fears
or will I go cause I don’t fit in here with any peers
know there’s more to life than smoking weed and drinkin’ beers and partyin’
but what else to do when needin’ a lord of fame
Wish I could tell Jay-Z I see myself in you
I started with a dream and now I’m tryin’ to be wealthy, too
But it’s tough when you’re balancin’ it all and walking down a tight rope, you balance ’bout to fall
The label’s keep tellin’ me I’m talented and all
But I need another candy girl to really have it all
I’m hungrier than ever for a check
My situations not at all what you’d expect
I work my ass off
I’m always stickin’ out my neck
Cause they say the real currency ain’t but respect

But if you have one without the other
That means you’re a stupid motherfucker
I hate bein’ broke, but havin’ all the fame, and not havin a deal, and have to be the blame
I wanna win bread and bring it home so after all we can live right
And give half to my mom, just to get right
And just to prove to her she wasn’t psycho
For always supportin’ this dream, she was right though
But it’s tough when life’s as stormy as the weather, and her health ain’t gettin’ any better
And everyday’s a struggle, the most recent trouble was her job, caught me cryin’ she told me she was laid off, God
But she told me, keep my spirits up high
She workin’ I’ll just keep on pushin’ aimin’ for the sky

And people wonder why I spend everyday high
Cause my life isn’t how it’s suppose to be, but I try
Keep feelin’ that I’m livin’ life wrong
But then I stop trippin’ as soon as I hit the bong
I go out out to the club, pretend my problems all gone
I see chicks at my shows, know all the words to my songs
My new girl told me “G please promise me If we gon’ be together, you gon’ have to give me honesty”
And honestly I’m tryin’ baby listen
but it’s bitches everyday say your spot where they wanna be
I’m tryna do the best that I can for you
I feel that you deserve that and I care for you
Cause a groupie might love you when you big
Soon as the fame goes, they ain’t there for you real
A rapper’s girlfriend, best spot for a wife
And this is just to give a snap-shot of my life
For all you haters gossipin’ and speakin’ all freely cause you listen to my CD
Because I’m in the lime light, you can go and start a bunch of fuckin’ rumors, shit is rippin’ me apart
And one hit, I don’t give a shit, the other one I’m sick of it
This is just to tell you what the business is

This is it
This is it
Yea I’m sick of it
See my biggest problem is, that I give a shit
If I ain’t care I swear I’d probably be fine with it but it’s that, this shit is killin’ my mind


And that’s real

This is me.

Updated: 25 February 2018 — 06:04

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