Dean Brody – Bob Marley

I was a little boy and I took it hard when Grampa had to leave
Gramma said, “Listen up, son, I’ve someone I’d like for you to meet.”
And she pulled to the edge of the road by the riverside and cranked an 8 track radio
A man come on saying, “Everything Gonna Be Alright”
And in that August sun she smiled the tears welled in her eyes
She said, “Sometimes it’s gonna rain, even if you don’t want it to. Whatcha gonna do?”

Oo oo oo
Sittin’ on a riverbank
Oo oo oo
Her arm around me
Oo oo oo
We sang quietly
Gramma and me and Bob Marley

So baby when that sun ain’t shining you can call on me
I’ll take you miles along a winding road to places that you’ve been
Where you can find your strength again, and in the morning you will rise
You’re gonna be alright

Oo oo oo
Sittin’ on a riverbank
Oo oo oo
Arms around you
Oo oo oo
We’ll sing quietly
You and me and Bob Marley [2x]

You and me and Bob Marley.

Updated: 30 November 2017 — 05:27

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