Chris Rea – Irish Blues

Let me tell you ’bout Irish blues
It ain’t about receiving some bad news
It’s something deep inside you can’t control
Locked inside your grandma’s Irish soul
Take it right up to the king of Swing
I know for sure that he will let you in
Look dep down into your dancing shoes
I know you’re going to find some Irish blues
There’s a feeling you will never lose
So let it lead you on
When you get those rainy monday blues

I know a guy a guy whose bass first cut the groove
Man Gordon Edwards
He could really move
Black boxer heavyweight is what you see
But Irish blood is how he came to be
Move it up
Move it through
Move it on, yeah
irish blues
Oh, move it up
Well’ here’s the news
Some Irish blues

Oh move it up
Yeah make a start
Buy “The Storm”
By moving hearts
Oh, get the soul
Yeah get the feel
Swing that base
Like Eoghan O’Neil

Irish blues, yeah

Updated: 25 February 2018 — 15:55

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