Chipmunk – Where Are You?

[Verse 1:]
It’s been a journey but I’m coping
I picked my boy up from prison today, I came home and wrote this
I disappear on my goals shit
But when I drop, you know it’s dope shit
Yeah, listening to Wiz while I blow kush
Playing lucky dip with all these lighties in my phone book
I need to chill with the fucking and fucking focus
Show my country I ain’t joking, yeah
I stay down for my dargs, they know I got them
Torn between Hollywood and Tottenham
And tell the people that done me dirty
Revenge is sweet, see I ain’t diabetic nor forgot them
So tell the rap game I want my throne this year
I got new shit, no one can’t own this year
You see my lyric book? Don’t push your nose in there
I stay busy with it, every line’s coke in there, yeah
So what? You don’t like the look on me?
But that’ll probably be the look on you
When them people that you put on don’t poop on you
If that hurt then you know it’s true, good
I hope you feel it, take it in, wheel it
Black and white world and true colours keep revealing
You grow with some and you grow apart from others
Well, some things are better off leaving and not redeeming, yeah

[Verse 2:]
I lost my V at 14, my little sister’s 17 now
Definitely things I hope she never learnt from me now
And these days for my future I’ve been faring
But nothing lasts forever, see we learnt that from our parents
I’ve had a dose of heartbreak, I don’t need another
My EP’s my kid and studio’s my babymother
If you can understand that, then get under the cover
As long as I got a rubber
See, I be like the good guy in me is tryna talk, but I ain’t listening
I keep faith knowing when you’re faithful, you’re the victim
Girls want dick just cuh I’m good with the diction
I’ve got a fucking addiction, it’s a fucking addition
I need a shrink, I need my ink
Yo, where’s that Hennessy? I need a drink
I picture it, make it happen, I just live out what I think
They tell me I’m gonna do it, I feel it, I’m on the brink, going in
Who’s hot and who’s not? You can done with the talk
Probably catch hater AIDS if I could fuck what you thought
Tell Team Chip I’m coming, they wanna see me on tour
I’m tryna do it again just how I done it before
You see, the things I’ve been through blud, I should roll two blunts
Last winter, buried two loved ones in two months
Gripping on the pen while I’m crashing in life
It’s like we only come together when somebody dies, for real

Updated: 29 December 2017 — 09:48

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