Canibus – Poet Laureate Infinity Vocal 3

I spit at a thousand KIPS, kilo tons of pressure
Every letter is measured in such a way you will remember,
December, 21st 2012 is the code
It was placed on the Mayan Sun Stone to puzzle them,
Starting with some numbers, the code cracker started crunching
I better have some results by the months end,
Really, Deep Blue computes deeply and does it,
What’s the answer to Universe? Read me the numbers,
In the summer the Polar Manitoba’s melted by lava
A team of ER doctors climbed aboard the chopper, 10
My skull is a submarine hull, I empty the ballast tanks
I could smell the shit from the seagulls,
The Rear Admirable participated in battle every war
At least half of my crew were injured every tour,
We thought close support from the Navy Carriers and Air Force
would give us all what we needed, we were wrong
Canibus is notably known globally,
My verbal sorcery somehow tries to talk to the beat,
Lyrically not ready, dress right dress, not messy
My muscle memory make me bomb squad steady, 20
You cannot contend with this when I let it rip,
Eyes, ears, nose and throat specialist Professor Bis,
The sublime chakra one through nine, through the spine
Induce the rhyme, internal fire produces the high
Recite 33 3’s 33-3 times for twenty four hours
Twenty one thousand Nautical miles,
Ahead of my lifetime I write and recite rhymes,
Deja Vu in the booth is the truth, when you apply it,
Devine design, a miracle of Metallurgy,
Every clergy member from Mecca who heard of me worshipped me, 30
From the shores of Normandy to the Turkish streets,
To the bluest oceans glowing on the Persian beach,
Nuclear Biological Chemical emergency
I purchase the beat then mix the spit with the mercury,
The DJ grabs the acetate out the crate,
Mix the dub plate, the BPMs fluctuate,
Nobody can hold me back, my flow bloviates
into a spiritual shape and co-creates rap,
Cold callous chronic chemical imbalance,
Smoking a chalice in the Rabbit hole with Alice, 40
The target appears in brackets, I attack it,
Access then egress then quit this rap shit,
Commander of the symphony when man meets ministry,
Finishing my Archeogenetic Rap Facility,
They can’t battle me so they’d rather embarrass me,
By being mad at me they commit microphone heresy,
I am still the Master, as handsome as my unborn Grandson,
Rip The Jacker, call me grandpa,
As odd as it may seem, the Microphone Fiend
Is God of the Hip Hop regime, Planet Rock Supreme, 50
Kill you with green Lasers, evaporated weed vapour
Electromagnetic Scalar, then something they call a Maser,
“That is not dead which can eternally lie
and with strange aeons even death may die”
Meteors fall from the sky, The Mars God looks at my eyes,
Controlling my heart, controlling my mind,
O Lord, tell me what to do, tell me O Lord,
I’ve mastered the art of rhyming now I am so bored,
My pain, my joy, my thoughts, I’ve passed them on through songs,
Respond to me and I will answer to your call, 60
Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words,
Actions and Reality, that’s how it has to be,
In front of me, on both sides and in back of me,
I hear them talking ’bout battling me in the whisper gallery,
The chain of command blames the unseen hand,
The Galactic Plane has a Galactic Plan,
I look up in the sky to see if God is judging me,
Then suddenly I feel Fatima and Medjugorie come to me,
Sitting down at the mixing board comfortably,
They begin to study me, by showing me worlds I would love to see, 70
My body did not melt beyond the Van Allen Belt,
I was transformed into a spirit with no shell,
I could move about freely, I rose, I fell,
The coldness of heaven is like the coldness of hell,
Metaphoric Sun Worship, pulling me with planet like inertias,
Words blinking like the text edit cursor,
Sentences sometimes too sensitive to make sense of it,
Layer upon layer upon layer unedited,
You lazy and you wanna be the best? You crazy!
The Best Train EVERYDAY of the week, 80
Propulsion system gravity driven, white hot thermal external vision
Every lyric got a wormhole in it,
Saint Germaine is real, Germaine is a sage for real,
My sigil is a double headed eagle seal,
Normal life is not real, we are just cogs in a wheel,
We work, we hurt, we search, we feel,
Microphonist that utilizes the study of Conics,
Circular motion in both the para- and the hyperbolas,
Tiger Woods knows this, everytime he plays golf he shows this,
A true master at The Masters in focus, 90
In my time of need, I am not alone,
I was told in a dream by Cthulhu from his tomb
Try to hurt me, I’ll murder you, lay you down vertical,
Make your life purposeful, germinate the earth with you,
My black goggles covered with Bat Guano,
I’ll hang from the ceiling and watch you, act hostile I’ll pop you,
Rap Music and those who listen to it don’t owe me nothing,
I don’t want nothing from you, not even your judgement,
The Philosophic maverick the massive knowledge magnet,
Underwater sea lilies where I get my magic 100
Matricidal motherfucker homicidal hustler,
Filibuster, never been a Wikipedia lover,
If I were you I wouldn’t waste time reading rubbish,
It might turn you into a media puppet, but fuck it
Leviathan divides the suspect zero sign,
Therefore, Canibus rhymes for all time,
Metaphors and Rhyme is poetry by design,
But poetry continues outside the timeline,
Unnatural battle ability, the enemy tried to imprison me,
But they would’ve been better off killing me, 110
Theoretically Schiaperrelli has mentored me,
With motifs of illuminated speech and wizardry,
Over The Horizon Radar Rhymes
Patent number 4686605
Sound pours out of the ground across the land,
Jethro Tull was mauled by the God called Pan,
Creative writing and rhythm, grammar and composition,
Don’t ignore me, ignore the fools who tells you don’t listen,
To you it shouldn’t sound like I’m quitting cause I’m not,
If I am to continue it’s up to Hip Hop, 120
Weary of body and mind, tired of swimming against the tide,
Why swim or walk when I can glide?
Zero Gravity exercising, requires expert timing,
For Sky Diving my call sign is Flying Wing,
An impossible profession, St. Germaine
was made to explain the lesson with a 1000 Bar message,
Now you may go, you have graduated, now you may know,
Tell the world exactly what you were shown,
Sure enough, Sesame Street poems brought to you by Sears Roebuck,
Countdown forty eight months, 130
Does it amaze me? “No!” Does it phase me? Maybe a little yo,
We gotta find a way to generate doe,
The promoter won’t pay me what I want for a show
Why do it for free when I’m worth my weight in gold?
Mind, Body and Soul inseparable, incredibly,
Proto plasma recycles the matter perpetually,
Hip Hop became boring, lyrics seem more like a vestigial organ,
But they shouldn’t be important,
The diaphragm, the thymus,
Activate the latent powers that reside inside us with 13 chakras 140
You get the Guantanamo Bay, The Alcatraz Way,
You heard what I say? These pigs gotta pay!
I steadied my approach, this supposed to be a NO FLY ZONE
Black Sheep Squadron with strobe light hoes
The Hurricane’s eye open, gale winds blowing,
Moses on a row boat floating in the ocean,
I figured out, how to save water in a drought
If we save the right amount I know we can make it out
The ever expanding mind commanding body, do you copy?
The Quantum biology biopsy, 150
My austere designs are so ahead of their time,
Even when you press rewind you’re still left behind,
Father Author Poor Pauper, breathes to draw Prana
In a yoga pose tryna get close to your mama,
Your ear cartilage has been targeted
The bombing will commence, don’t be a bitch nigga you started it,
On the Sabbath I write preplanning for the Planet
Drawing mathematics, suspended in space as holographics,
Scientifically Quantifiable megalomaniacal
viable style it’s like trying to ride a Bull, 160
The lyrical inimical is miserable because I’ve built a citadel
of syllables that made me invincible,
Am I a mad man or a mason? A Patriot or a Pagan
West Coasting in a 64 with Daytons
The propulsion system matrix poorly calibrated,
I’m waiting on the parts special order replacement,
Battle rap is just aimless entertainment
Second Round K.O. was one of they favourites, fuck all the haters
My luck was crushed, I felt like they fronted,
My heart kept pumping, I had to do something, 170
I turned the page, wrote a turn of phrase,
Verbal X-Rays, they say “I don’t burn I blaze”
Don’t look at it like winning or losing, in ’98 it was amusing,
Poet Laureate’s my New Shit!,
Time keep on slipping, the Ripper keeps ripping,
But right now my image stands still in a prism,
My light reflects like a mirrors, I choose to share it,
The Precession of the Earth is nearing, preparing
Assessment and Planning things
Should I put mustard on these sandwiches, a fathers job is so challenging, 180
My pupil size increase, constriction and velocity decrease,
You can’t Emcee take a seat,
What are you building Bis? Is it a flying Silver Disk?
If you ever leave you’ll be missed,
I tear through the Galactic drift
I travel 10 digits in 10 minutes, now that’s some shit!
You think that’s fast? Nah, that’s faster than you think
By the time you blink, the whole Universe shrinks,
A word to the wise, try to keep your eyes in the skies,
And try to keep your ears on my rhymes, 190
The magic reminded that the fire will not expire,
Pyrus Sidonious gives me energy when I’m tired,
The Sun is so bright my eyes hurt
I’m forced to look downward to see inside the Earth,
I thank Mother Gaia for bearing us green grass,
But it won’t last we’re killing her with greenhouse gas,
You said “the best shouldn’t ask for respect”,
Is that correct? Yes could you please speak up, I said Yes!
I hold Hip Hop responsible,
Every magazine writer that wrote bullshit in his article, 200
Gone ‘Til November? I’ll be gone forever,
I made these bars so you ALL could remember,
The illest MC to put it all on the line,
My career was crucified but I’m still alive,
Sky scraper spaceships, wide crater dry lake beds,
“Resistance is futile”, they said,
I bear clutch the pen, my girlfriends jealous again,
So intimate when I write it’s a sin,
Electromagnetic rap flytrap,
There’s no way Earth you can get around that, 210
This is a no brainer, stop the complaining,
If Hip Hop is dead, I came here to save it,
Pages upon pages, everything I’ve created ,
The bar was below basic, I had to raise it,
I did it for my Fathers, I did it for my Mothers and my Brothers,
I did it for the world to discover,
My poetry is peaceful, aggressive but regal,
Progressive to the people, I hope the words reach you
Dr. Watson and Crick found an third strand in the DNA helix
So you’re not what you think, 220
Metronome Man will never take commands from the drum
The beat is my slave and it will behave as I want,
Cheers! Spill beer on my bear skin chairs,
I shed tears, I loved Hip Hop all these years,
Poet Laureate Infinity,

Poet Laureate Infinity,
Poet Laureate Infinity,
Poet Laureate Infinity,

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