Canibus – Poet Laureate Infinity Vocal 1

I got bored with four beats to the measure, Professor speech compressor
Terminated his tenure to explore a more rewarding adventure,
Take a closer look at the bars, you’ll see I’m not behind them
or in front of them, I’m one of them,
Started with a 100, The Game spit 3, I said, “Fuck It!”
I’ma have to show these niggaz something,
Too easy, who’d believe me if I said that it wasn’t?
The rhyme is a weapon I bust it the Brotherhood got me covered
OP orders with coordinates where to drop mortars
I drive forward, Sandstorms make my eyes water, 10
Skull is a submarine hull
Dolphin phones screen calls from places as far away as A.G.C.R.,
The rhymes are raw, deeper than yours, you crawled before you walked
But didn’t think about your thoughts before you talked,
We spit for sport, I won, you lost
But you paid them off to nail my corpse to a cross,
This is “The Greatest Rhyme Of All Time” supposedly,
1000 Bars it will probably always be,
Mentally top heavy, not many can rock with me,
Hip Hop could not bench me so they plot to suspend me, 20
I said, “Nobody benefits, Everyone perishes”
I tell them this, They say, “Here, it’s time for your medicine”,
Imagine being fined over a rhyme? For stepping over the line?
When I inspired Hova and Nas,
I listened to ‘44 4’s’ 22 times
“I Gave You Power” God stop my heart if I’m lying,
You like Red or White Wine? Let’s talk about it I’m buying,
Let’s talk about the Children of Zion, excuse me if I start crying,
The Art Of Rhyming? I’ve mastered it certainly, surely
I’ll celebrate capturing it for my Taxidermy, 30
From the streets of New Jersey to Germany,
To jungles of Angola where most the meat poachers heard of me,
The Ice Truck Killer will be observing me perform surgery,
Ritual Widow Murder, searching for her urgently,
Mix the blood so it don’t coagulate,
The Sex Magick won’t work if the bitch masturbates,
I put her on cloud nine, look at her face,
A cumulus lenticularis, a capsule in Space,
You will become acquainted with my cryptic language,
And my mystic manners, Rip spit bananas, 40
Systematic Global geographic systemic Neo-synapsis,
Reload the graphics notice I spit it rapid,
Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility,
Most emcees try to clone me lyrically,
My cell chemistry is a mirror of who I am physically,
But my true symmetry is energy,
The Will of Claude Ashur, The skill of Germaine
Father Author Poor Pauper Pastor, more than a rapper,
My body is a human machine my dreams filter in between,
Just wait until I build my machine, 50
Kill you with weed vapour, then a Taser, then a Laser,
Then a Maser, then a Phaser, then something they call Scalar,
“That is not dead which can eternally lie
And with strange aeons even death may die”,
But why? Coup de grâce for the coup d’État,
In a man-made lodge the Moon Rays replace God,
I think I’ve had about enough of your tough talk,
Come over here take my cuffs off, I promise you we’ll just talk,
No biting allowed just bark, Don’t run just walk,
Battle Rap there is no such art, 60
Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words
Actions & Reality, this is not fantasy,
If you question me, you will be detained indefinitely,
Your name will be added to the Blacklist Registry,
I’m a scruffy old man, with bloody cold hands,
On my arm is a tattoo of a sully old brand,
If I am not myself, then how would I be?
If I do not look tell me how will I see?
The Law Of Attraction is attracted to me,
The Laws Of Poetry in action is practiced quite actively, 70
I look at my face more than anybody else,
I still can’t recognize myself,
I don’t need anybody but myself,
When I’m rhyming like this I don’t need no help,
But…..Thank you for your purchase, these verses have perennial purpose,
But on the other hand these rappers are worthless,
At least from my interconnected introspective perspective,
The more pretentious, the more apprehensive the sentence,
You are lazy and you wanna be the best? You crazy!
The Best Train everyday of the week, 80
My lyricism amplifies every letter written,
Rip The Jacker spitting inside a Zero Vector System,
Brain waves reveal High Yield E&D Fields,
Chew emcees like I’m eating a meal,
A bunch of fake niggaz tryna keep it Pseudo Real,
A bunch of fake King Midas’ with fools gold grills,
My microphone was found where the Mayan Sun Stone was,
The Period of Purification in my Poems,
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome under Red Rock,
It’s no use if you can’t use what you got, 90
Buried in a mass grave covered in bones,
My cell phone number’s placed on their tombstones,
Your girl Gertrude promised me her servitude,
She better do it I don’t wanna have to hurt you dude,
I’ll eat from the same portion as you,
Just in case you try to poison my food but I want you to,
A Deer Hunter all year if I could spare summers,
Fucking your whore of a mother in front of her queer husband,
Wide lens wide mattress she’s an actress this is Monster Ball practice,
I’m Big Billy Bob Black Angus, 100
You and I can sit and look at each other,
Tossing Knowledge back and forth like we was throwing books at each other,
I don’t care if we’re not the same colour nigga I’m your brother,
I don’t care what you say nigga you’re a nigga lover,
All cultures come from One Mind,
The Universe is not far behind, Waves, Bars and Rhymes,
Motivated by the Stars that shine,
Only lower density life forms get lost in time,
I don’t care if I make history, I wanna be a part of Infinity,
Look at what your SUN GOD did to me, 110
I am energy, I am He spiritually and mentally,
The fools who threw away my jewels offended me,
As we walk through the archived files of all styles,
The East Wing Isle goes on for 5 miles,
More rappers than fans, more vans wrapped than vans,
Hip Hop will continue to expand,
Poets should be rappers, rappers should be lyricists,
The current industry model collapse imminent,
This is Hollywood Hip Hop,
Celebrities adopt little snot nosed bugaboos from off the block, 120
Larry King Live, Earthquake right outside,
I looked that squarely shouldered man square in his eye,
Poetically Paralyzing, Where Are You? Are you hiding?
No! I am sandbag diving,
Do not evade question,
Please explain to your viewers how there are Space Weapons bigger than Zeppelins,
How is it so? Tell the people, they need to know,
And if you don’t think so, you’re a talk show hoe,
The grown up who showed up drunk with his own cup stoned as fuck,
Who could tell me that this poem is luck, 130
You say “I’m crazy” I say “So, tell me something I don’t know
Something my psyche profile doesn’t show”,
I don’t have all the answers I am not in the know,
I can only see what is above and only from below,
The substratum of reality through the thick cloud canopy,
How can it be Canibus? Answer me!
I approached the podium and delivered my encomium,
Nobody applauded the atmosphere was ominous,
They feared I would spit, they don’t like when I bust,
The mucus dried up to a pear like crust, 140
From a very cold place called Faraday Base,
Right next to the South Poles longest Ice Strait,
Food supply low, they speak of going above ground to find mo’,
I cry out “NO…do not go!”
Where the fuck are you going?
400mph wind belts blowing, think for a moment,
We got to wait it out, that’s what the training’s about,
We have to survive, that’s what Germaine is about,
Arctic geography is conducive to astronomy,
And the study of celestial bodies, follow me, 150
The sheer size of the Academia implied by the rhymes
Lead them to believe I was lying,
I blasted through the limestone with water mixed with a dissolver,
Then I signalled the remaining cave crawlers,
Dig a hole for the collateral carnage, Battle the hardest,
Take out Hip Hop’s trash and garbage,
Tunnel boring and jacking, water main tapping,
I sat there drafting a new drainage plan laughing,
Tough, pliable, relatively reliable,
The vocation of this undertaking is very viable, 160
My lyrical is chemical radioactive residue,
I can’t rest until I accomplish what I was sent to do,
The gross oversimplication of a Jamaican in a basement tracing over diagrams for a tape deck,
That evolved into a spaceship, that hasn’t been made yet,
Cause I haven’t been paid yet
Not even one pay check,
I walked through the valley of humiliation,
But Hip Hop started hating, I tried to save them they wasn’t patient,
Responsibility entrusted, there’s only one way for me to prove that I love it,
That’s why I’m busting, 170
If you pursue revenge, dig many graves,
Be sure to add your name to the list that you’ve made,
Musically still producing, I got a couple new things cocooning,
But Poet Laureate’s my New Shit!,
Distinguished English and Sophisticated senses,
In sync with the Talisman I received from the Temptress,
With these lyrics I consecrate the spirit,
Whenever I spit it, concentrate you can hear it,
I’ve almost perfected this,
I’m one word away from excellence, when I find it I’ll begin testing it, 180
The phenomenal beast, astronomer priest,
When the poles shift the Sun will not rise from the East,
Wilder than the wilderness, I’m bout to show you who wildebeest Williams is,
You better be filming this,
A blast so cataclysmic, it warps the time and space within it,
The hours become minutes, the minutes become infinite lyrics,
Poet Laureate spit from the spirit,
From the Sirius Star system ,
To observe the Gods, my thoughts graduated to the Stars,
To Infinity, listen to the bars, 190
The Kapellmeister in the Battle Grinder, created by King Osirus,
My psychic wall larger than Chinas,
The thirst to rhyme at first hurts like a laborious childbirth,
And sounds like Chinese fireworks,
Several million years into the past,
A primitive future in a world without oil and gas,
Focus on two standards when assessing the threat,
Number 1 is capacity, Number 2 is intent,
The Flood was not an obstacle,
I made a raft out of empty milk gallon bottles, for survival, 200
Always remember, meet me in Denver,
Colorado Springs in the Vandenberg welcome center,
Four and a half foot beings with big black eyes,
Tried to trap me and extract my rhymes all the time,
I perform a requiem on the Eve before Hip Hop ends,
And make amends on behalf of my friends,
Canibus grab the mic like an energized amulet,
Then spit a rap that you can’t forget,
Oprah Winfrey don’t like rap,
All I got to say about that is “She probably don’t like Black”, 210
I don’t blame her, she don’t understand it’s only entertainment,
She’d probably feel different if she wasn’t famous,
She Traded Places, and her opinions started changing,
As Randolph and Mortimer increased her wages,
That alone could make a person racist, if not racist with colour?
Then material wise how we treat each other,
The head of a lion, the legs of an eagle,
The wings of a dragon, not the sigil, this is for real though,
I sit down and think, when I write I can smell the ink,
I bow before the desert wall of the Sphinx, 220
The ideas have come from God, even I’m stunned,
1000 Bars from the real Iron Lungs,
I heard Hip Hop was dead, that’s not fair,
Who I talk to?, “Go he there” Nasir,
Poet Laureate Infinity,

Poet Laureate Infinity,
Poet Laureate Infinity,
Poet Laureate Infinity,

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