Bobaflex – Bobaflex Warriors

The elders of the world will never understand the
new humans their way is nonviolent
They’re passive they need protection
and that’s where you come in
For there will be a war, it’s inevitable
And at this time, I need you all to be
prepared for the worst
(hu-hail) My soldiers

[Chorus x4:]
Bobaflex warriors throw up your blasters
New Humans on a march

Shave your heads and forget God and family
Define the self through logic and worship knowledge
Symbol of a brave face placed against a void
Many begin to follow it and dinosaurs grow paranoid
Science fiction band and a strong song
It was simple propaganda to connect with the new humans
The powers that be would now see them as a threat
So he called upon his followers and this is what he said
(Ah Ah) would you die for this
(Ah Ah) a better life than this
(Ah-Ah) Are you my solider till the end
(Ah- Ah) I scream to the world
Bow Your Heads

[Repeat Chorus]

A leader will rise from the east who speaks of a new breed
A seed in the imagination of a generation
New humans inherit the earth
They are the masters
Protected by Bobaflex
All throw your blasters
(hu- hail)
Now if you see that Bobaflex band
Fill them full of lead and make sure their all dead
Within the album hides a code
To seduce the youth for new human goals
The leader is inside myself and I control the rise and fall
Open up your mind and scream defiance in the name


Updated: 29 November 2017 — 02:35

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