Bart Baker – That’s What I Like Parody

I’m gonna name all of the lavish
Stuff to do when you’re rich
Like lobster tail for dinner
And sending high-priced dick pics
Oops, maybe I should try to keep it PG
Let’s get back to normal expensive things like shopping sprees

I’ll host a party in Italy
Dress code Gucci blue jeans
Make sure that they assless
So I can smell your farts, please
Goddamnit, Bruno, stop it, that is not appropriate
But I really can not help it, man, what’s the point of hiding it now?

Hop in the Cadillac
Girl, let’s go to Tiffany’s
Buy 24K
Diapers to shit on money
And act like rich babies, goo, goo, goo, ga, ga
Girl, you can change me, I’ll change you

Covering midgets in milk
Tongue-kissing rare Asian DILF’s
Unlucky you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like
Smack a kid with my diamond ice, and steal his bike
Ride it to the local park
Beat off on a bench ’til dark
Pay homeless dudes to have bum fights, and watch all night
Get fully nude, and fly a kite white eating mice

I’ll host an orgy in Miami
Wake up with’ yo’ granny
Human flesh for breakfast
Mario, serve that man meat
Golden showering in Paris, covering ourselves in French pee
Give you a taste of the high life, baby

Hop in the Cadillac
Girl, let’s run over police
Steal their uniforms
And harass minorities
Don’t you worry, baby, don’t worry at all
When you’re this rich, it’s okay

Having mini heart attacks
While snorting coke off Trump’s shaft
Unlucky you that’s what I like, that’s what I like
Put my nuts in a platinum vice, and squeeze ’em tight
Shove a rocket up my arse
So I can blast off to Mars
69 aliens all night, make one my wife
Cheat on it with its best friend Mike, that’s what I like

Updated: 23 February 2018 — 00:21

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