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Z-Ro – Raw

Say Mike D, Dig these blues… Here I go again, runnin off at the mouth about buster’s Muthafucka’s just mad at me ckuz they diamonds ain’t up in cluster’s! Too many times I done paid my dues Even today I’m still payin em fool! (Could it be da reason I’m so cold in da rap […]

Zahara – Ndize

Ndihambile, ndibonile (I have walked, I have seen) Bandixelele bandinikile (They told me, they gave me) Ndingafunanga ndingabuzanga (I did not want,I did not ask) [Chorus] Ndiza ndiza (I will come, I will come) Ndizaw’buya ndikuphathel’ntliziyo yam (I will come back, bringing you my heart) Uzuyenze msulwa yona (Make it pure) [Repeat Chorus X2] Ndizam’kucinga […]

Z-Ro – It Don’t Stop

[Chorus: Z-Ro] Nigga it don’t stop, so keep on flippin your Glock Whether it’s drama or not Cause somebody might run up in ya spot, whether you servin or not That’s how it go on the block Keep your eyes open because the police they plot Don’t let your spot get hot, you gon’ end […]

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