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Young Dolph – Flodgin

Yeah I like this shit The codeine got me noddin’, got me noddin’ (yeah) Sloppy toppy, she be slobbin’, she be slobbin’ (yeah yeah) Told you she don’t give head, she flodgin’, she flodgin’ (that bitch lyin’) Foreigns back to back, we mobbin’, we mobbin’ Ayy, ayy, they ask me am I greedy and I […]

Yuridia – Amor En Desamor

Como dos extraños, sin la ley de la atracción Se nos fue el amor en la confusión Fueron tantos los daños una y otra discusión La repetición de la destrucción siempre acaba el corazón No puedo más Vivo el final del cuento a contratiempo Somos dos vidas separadas Dos enemigos que se amaban Tú y […]

Young M.A – Karma Krys

You really a fucking coward Like, y’all don’t give a fuck about nobody but yourself You don’t even give a fuck that I really be holding you down and making sure you good Like, I swear when you, the way you are, like, you overlook everything And that shit is so foul and so fucked […]

Young Dolph – Playa

Ayy, ayy Ayyyy Buddah blessed this beat What up? All of these diamonds on me, they say I ain’t playin’ fair (damn) Pull up at the mansion, I got cameras everywhere (uh) Dobermans in the backyard like the president (uh) Fifty bitches on my dick, call me Dolph the pimp (hey) Don’t give a fuck, […]

Yelawolf – Get Straight

[Eminem:] Shady Aftermath Whoo Kid, let’s go 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 [DJ Paul:] This that trailer park hood shit Yelawolf, DJ Paul, let’s go [Hook:] Crack that .40 out the gate Yeah motherfucker get straight If a motherfucker got shit to say Crack that fucker in the face Get […]

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