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Xzibit – Family Values

[Intro / Chorus: Xzibit] This how you make me feel, this how you make me feel This how you make me feel, that’s how I know it’s real Take you around the world, take you around the world Take you around the world, take you around the world Cause you my baby girl, cause you […]

Xzibit – Let it Rain

[Intro:] [Judge:] “Alright, your charged with public intoxication, alright listen” [Convict:] “There’s a thousand people out who’re drunk” [Judge:] “Okay, I understand that” [Hook: J-Ro] We O-W in the whole zone The Likwit Crew is on the microphone Let it rain brother [3x] Xzibit do your thing [Verse 1: Xzibit] You get permanently put on […]


Yeah Rest in peace to all the kids that lost their lives In the Parkland shooting This song is dedicated to you Okay, she keep callin’, she keep callin’ every single night Day and night, on my mind, please don’t kill the vibe Oh, no, I swear to God, I be in my mind Swear […]

Xzibit – Chamber Music

[Verse One:] The official representative, LAC This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z Victory, strike a B-Boy stance in khaki pants Never get along like red and black ants, advance When your staring and this concrete that move like liquid Like a nigga withouth legs, I ain’t tryin to kick it To much […]

XTC – Human Alchemy

An alchemy, human alchemy We stole them from their freedom to be sold To turn their skins of black into the skins Of brightest gold An alchemy, human alchemy We stoked the fires of trade with human coals And made our purses from the flailed skins of Purest souls An alchemy, human alchemy Other lands […]

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