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Westlife – Home

Another summer day, Has come and gone away, In Paris and Rome, But I want to go home, Mmmmmm Maybe surrounded by, A million people I, Still feel all alone, I just want to go home, Oh I miss you, you know, And I’ve been keeping all the letters, That I wrote to you, Each […]

W.A.S.P. – Show No Mercy

I, I hear the mighty engines roar And I unleash the savage dogs of war Ooh, I’m the outlaw that rides White anglo saxon, a violent reaction Fire is my fuel, steel and iron rule Ride on wasteland A madman’s badland Ride on wasteland And I will survive to show no mercy I can feel […]

White Zombie – Magdalene

Hey, Miss Magdalene girl sympathy mind hey, Miss Magdalene girl power. Power off, yeah grant a flesh show meek inherit nothing but death song queen sex go-go moving like a bad dream promised so long ago blessed art thou among women is this easy come is this easy go mingled with fear you get what […]

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