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Riot V – Raining Fire

Fighting forces forsaken to man Bringing destruction is part of the plan Raise your weapons, brute force is a must Ride the thunder, engage the thrust Break the silence, scorching the sky Touch the heavens, the maiden she flies Wind fanning flames as the engines combust Leathered fighters, intentions unjust Synchronized warfare Riveted steel Hypnotized […]

Rémy – Bella Ciao

Tutte le genti che passeranno O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao E le genti che passeranno Mi diranno: che bel fior J’veux nager sur une tonne de billets M’endormir sur des liasses de 50 On avait dit “on tire sur personne” On avait dit “pas une goutte de sang” Quand l’papier, y […]

Rancid – Collision Course

[Tim:] Did I mention to you about my punk rock radio? Words don’t apply on my push it up stereo Transistor party, but the fader’s right They’re gonna speak, come and blast it on a reggae, all the night Whoo! Sham 69, roots reggae on my temple With a 45 record too, on the turntable […]

RedOne – Boom Boom

[Daddy Yankee, French Montana & Dinah Jane:] Baby, you here tonight ¡Dímelo mundo! Montana, RedOne, Morocco, DY, Dinah Jane Boom, boom, boom, boom (montana) Mueve boom, boom, boom, boom Sube boom, boom, boom, boom Dame boom, boom, boom, boom, yeah [Daddy Yankee:] Quiero ver que te pongan Mas prendida que una bonga Dale movimiento a […]

Romeo Santos – Centavito

Mamá dice que todos mis errores servirán como lección El médico me alarma, mi salud va de mal en peor De paso el tal psiquiatra en mi opinión no sabe un coño del amor Hasta he pensado que de tanto que he orado He saturado a Dios Y no Mi credo está en peligro de […]