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Obie Trice – Secrets

[Intro] Ay cameraman, give me an up and over nigga I’m ’bout to run this bitch [Chorus: Obie Trice] Baby we can keep this thing on the low No one gotta know, when a nigga come through See, I just wanna fuck you And you just wanna fuck me – our secret creepin Know a […]

Orelsan – Rap De Résurrection

[Orelsan:] Yeah, j’aime quand y’a des putains d’chattes dans l’club, qu’elles soient blacks, blanches, beures Whisky-Coca dans l’sang, et j’baise tout c’qui possède un battement d’cœur Battle, quand il en reste un seul appelle-moi “Highlander” C’est Bruce Harper face à Mark Landers Obsédé, habitué aux coups de CP depuis qu’j’suis au CP T’as pas une […]

Omarion – Game Over

[Omarion & BJ The Chicago Kid:] I’m running late but I will stay for it She wanna blaze, I got the flame for her Said she need a baller, I got the plane She hit the “J” and now it’s game over Baby girl I got everything that you need I know you feeling good […]

Oceans Ate Alaska – Escapist

You’re my enigma Why claim another life When you’re still ruling A sea of corrupt minds Feed from my weakness I fear my hands are tied Afflicted over and over again This vicious cycle, it eats away The very soul of this person you lead astray Fighting this with every breath I breathe When the […]

Omarion – Arch Your It

Yeah, I walk in and I turn up Pockets full of them hundreds Girl I know that you want it Oh my God you got Omarion in your city It’s maybach maybach So baby girl relax and hop in that maybach maybach Girl you wannna follow my protocol As long as your clothes keep falling […]

Outlandish – Ready To Love

[Chorus] We got one life to love eachother One life, One love Protecting and be there one another Yeah We’re worthless if we keep on fighting ‘Cause together we can face the night Yeah If we’re ready to love [Verse] Faceless nameless rich and famous Taxes,Gases we are born in places Devil won’t forget us […]

Outlandish – Guantanamo

[Intro:] El sol calienta alla en lo alto Y la palma real nos alumbra Orgullo de mi tierra cubana Aqui no hay canto en vano [Translation:] The sun heats above And the royal palm enlights us With the pride of my Cuban soil Here it can’t be found A song in vain [Chorus] Mi casa […]

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