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Milli Vanilli – Keep On Running

(Ah, look out, get funky) Keep on running, baby (baby) (look out, get funky) (Ah, keep busting) Elaborate on the microphone Pumping some knowledge ’cause my brain ain’t stoned At least not in ignorance, contempt or arrogance I started ’82 and I’m fresh ever since On the microphone I like to talk about what’s happened […]

Madonna – Who’s That Girl

Who’s that girl?, Who’s that girl? When you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye She’s trouble, in a word get closer to the fire Run faster, her laughter burns you up inside You’re spinning round and round You can’t get up, you try but you can’t [Chorus:] ¿Quién es esa niña?, […]

MC Lars – Stat-60

9 o’clock class feels like five, asleep at three, so sleep deprived. STAT-60 satisfies 2C, the math GER, not the one for me. The Central Limit Theorem? Speak English. The Sum of Squares? I don’t need this. But I’m positive, studying hard, gotta pass this, no holds barred. But essay due last Thursday man, Moby […]

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