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Drake – Fire & Desire

Dedicate, I dedicate the world Yeah, oh I dedicate, I dedicate I give you my fortune I dedicate, I dedicate I dedicate, I dedicate I dedicate, dedicate, dedicate I dedicate to you I dedicate, I dedicate I dedicate, I dedicate, oh yeah I dedicate, I dedicate to you They throwin’ dirt on my old name […]

DAGames – Break My Mind

Welcome little child to the darkest fears inside Come and join the fun, take a journey through the night Watch the closet doors, or else the night consumes you more, Taking every piece of innocence that never sees the light SO! Grab your only ammunition, your common sense and torch. The corridors are filled with […]

Danzig – Soul On Fire

[Lyrics: Glenn Danzig] Angels fall to earth World heats down Cool Now your heart is cold Waiting on the summer Of my soul Devil-girl you must burn Burn at the touch Of autmn’s breath Burn that heart of cold Simmering in the samhain Of my soul Gotta wait On the samhain of my soul Gonna […]

Drake – Used To

[Intro: RiFF RAFF] Boys, now listen, we got more motherfuckin’ TV screens On the outside the damn tour bus than on that motherfucker. Boys playin’ Playstation We come through motherfuckin’ hang gliding Off motherfuckin’ Versace skyscrapers I don’t get it, what more can you ask for? [Drake:] Yeah, sound sound sound Real 6 side shit […]

Drake Bell – I Know

All alone Guess again You’ve been known To take the hand of any man Who will fill your fantasy You there A big mistake You’re the pride Of every fake that comes around This messed up town You know, and I know, and I know It’s always better when You know and I know, and […]

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