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Avenged Sevenfold – M.I.A.

Staring at the carnage, praying that the sun would never rise Living another day in disguise These feelings can’t be right, lend me your courage to stand up and fight, on tonight Ooooo…. Stand up and fight The fighting rages on and on, to challenge me you must be strong I walk your land but […]

AKA – Sweet Fire

I remember when I used to cav’ you I was tryna get the W, damn Make a rich nigga act humble One thing about love it could drug you All I ever wanted was to be your stunt double Now we riding go-carts in the jungle How the magazine gon’ say we in trouble? When […]

Aloe Blacc – Candyman

Living for tomorrow Lost within a dream Tryna find the answer to the question And it seems that love makes the world feel good Singing in the moonlight Dancing in the rain Let the sunshine through to lift your spirit once again Cause love makes the world feel good Chasing after rainbows Somewhere in the […]

Arcade Fire – Porno

Take the makeup off your eyes I’ve got to see you, hear your sacred sighs Before the break up, comes the silence I’m talking to you. You say you’re over it, But I know I thought I knew you. You thought you knew me But now that you do, it’s not so easy now That […]

Atmosphere – Sunshine

Ain’t no way to explain or say How painful the hangover was today In front of the toilet, hands and knees Trying to breathe in between the dry heaves My baby made me some coffee Afraid that if I drink some it’s probably coming right back out me Couple of advil, relax and chill At […]

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